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Top Reasons to Look at Homes with Acreage in Ontario

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If you are considering relocating to Ontario, you’ll have plenty of options for your new residence. There are beautiful single-family homes, condos, cottages, townhouses, and so much more. Here’s one you might not have thought about, however – homes with acreage. You don’t have to be a farmer to enjoy the benefits of plenty of room to move around. Here are some top reasons why you should look at homes with acreage in Ontario:

  • Amazing Views- While a city skyline certainly is attractive to many, getting out into the countryside has some pretty amazing views, as well. You don’t even have to purchase hundreds of acres to accomplish this benefit, as just a small amount of acreage can still have views that will captivate you.

Homes with acreage give you ample opportunity to gaze

  • Snow is Beautiful- Do you love the beauty of fresh snowfall and feel sad when it gets all dirtied up by traffic and people? Homes with acreage give you ample opportunity to gaze upon pristine snow with little to no risk of it being disturbed by anything but perhaps some local wildlife.
  • Local Wildlife- The local wildlife is absolutely a benefit of homes with acreage. You’ll see everything from birds to deer.
  • Privacy- Go ahead and drink coffee on your deck in the morning while still in your pajamas! Also imagine not having a neighbour knock on your door because your television or music is too loud.
  • Peace and Quiet- While you can be louder than you could be in a city environment, you can also get the peace and quiet you might want. Have the best of both worlds with homes with acreage!
  • More Options- Depending on the allowed usage for the property, you can do a wide variety of things that you might not be able to do elsewhere. If gardening, raising chickens, the freedom to expand the home later, or other things that require space appeal to you, homes with acreage can provide that.

Of course, this list assumes you are heading out into the Ontario countryside in your search for homes with acreage. That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. You can experience several of these benefits while still being close to civilization by going with a planned community where each home has an acre or two of property. Regardless of what type of home is calling to you, call me, Dominic Ellis of On Bay Living, for assistance finding your dream property. I am passionate about helping people realize their real estate goals and look forward to doing so for you and your family.